The “largest cat on the planet”, a 700-pound lion-tiger cross named Apollo

 The “largest cat on the planet”, a 700-pound lion-tiger cross named Apollo

The term “big cat” has been significantly updated with the advent of this enormous cat.

Everyone meets Apollo, a mix between a lion and a tiger who has just earned the title of “the world’s largest cat”.

This gentle giant is a hybrid of a male lion and a tiger.

Not so long ago, Apollo gained notoriety after walking with Mike Holston, and wildlife expert Cody Antley, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The shot was then posted to YouTube and instantly gained popularity.

“This big guy’s name is Apollo, he’s the largest cat on the planet. Currently, the question is, what will this thing eat? “I believe he will eat anything in front of him,” Mike said.

I think a bunch of this stuff would eat up a herd of elephants for a snack. “He’s such a large animal that he can hit 40 mph in just a few steps,” the ex-soccer star added.

Mike added that Lager’s teeth were the size of a middle finger, his tongue was the size of his forearm, and his lungs were possibly the size of his waist.

As for the neck, it is also pretty large for any man, wrapped around their hands, according to Scoop Whoop.

This creature can grow up to 12 feet long and weigh up to 795 pounds, twice the size of a lion or tiger. People compare Apollo to a prehistoric tiger cub that passed away approximately 42,000 years ago.