The dog could not be found for 4 months, she was more than 100 kilometers from the place of disappearance

The woman found the dog and drove it to her owners for several dozen kilometers.

A woman with a big heart not only found a dog that the family had not heard of for 4 months, but also traveled several tens of kilometers to the owners. Thanks to her, a wonderful meeting of the four-legged and its owners could take place.

It has been 4 long months since Jinx, a 3 year old Australian Shepherd, was last seen by her owners.

The dog got lost in the woods and has not been seen since.

The couple remained at the scene for another 3 weeks searching, but were forced to return without their four-legged friend.

Four months later, they received a call from a lady named Susan Hits. The latter lives in Charlevoix, more than 110 kilometers from where Jinx disappeared.

She and her husband had just discovered her lying under the car, completely exhausted and cold.

This pair of shepherds found the coordinates of Kim and Don Carpus on a necklace worn by the Austrians.

No one knows yet, but he was alive and in relatively good condition.

Meanwhile, Susan and Randy Hits put her in their car, and the lady held her close to her to keep her warm. The owners of Jinx wept when they heard the news. Their interlocutor even offered to return the animal to them.

He traveled 60 kilometers from his home to the Carpus home to witness a touching reunion between them and Jinx (video below).

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