The doctor was trying to reach out to the dog who did not want to leave the bench where his owner died

The loyalty of dogs is no longer to be proven for a long time.

After his owner, a homeless man in his 60s, died on a bench near the hospital, the dog refused to leave the premises. The sight shocked the medical staff, including Dr. José Antonio Herrera.

The fidelity of dogs has not been proven for a long time. In the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, a dog sat down where the owner died. The 68-year-old man died on a bench near the hospital.

The exact reason has not yet been revealed to us.

In addition to the important social issue facing the area, this story also shows the close bond that has always existed between humans and dogs.

His faithful four-legged companion remained near the bench where the tragedy occurred, and the body of the deceased was taken away by local authorities.

This scene deeply affected the local population and hospital staff. Dr. José Antonio Herrera, who claimed to love dogs, then made a commendable gesture.

The doctor unsuccessfully tried to convince the animal to follow him. He was determined to wait for his master… But Dr. Herrera refused to leave him to his fate; she took the ball of hair in her arms and brought it home.

The latter named his little protégé Leo. According to him, Leo is like two drops of water similar to the dog Reina, who, unfortunately, passed away a few years ago.

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