The devoted dog did not leave the missing 5-year-old boy with Down syndrome for a minute

The missing 5-year-old child was recently found whole and unharmed.

Dogs become wonderful pets, because they are very devoted and protecting, especially when it comes to young children.

There were several reports about children who were missing from their houses only to be discovered with their devoted dog next to them, ensuring their safety.

The missing 5-year-old child was recently found intact and unharmed thanks to the protective presence of his German shepherd.

The anonymous calling said that on April 2, a small child walked along the railway tracks only with his dog, which caused a response from the Houston police department.

The sergeant of the Ricardo Salas department said that he knew that the 5-year-old boy was Down syndrome when he saw him about half a mile from his house.

As a result, he found out that a German shepherd named Alejandro followed him as a bodyguard.

According to the Houston Chronicle article about this event, it seems that the dog realized that something was wrong.

That the young man was not going to go out and eventually followed him.

«He extremely defended the baby and never looked away from him».

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