The cutest scene: wonderful cat mom was delighted when she saw her newborn baby

Every time a cat gets pregnant, her world is turned upside down.

The cat’s family decided that they did not need kittens, and the pregnant cat would be left on the street in the middle of February.

Luckily, Giselle’s younger sister, who was twelve at the time, overheard the conversation and offered to adopt.

“She was deeply moved by this story and probably upset”, Chatons Orphelin Montréal, a rescue group from Montreal, Canada, wrote on Facebook.

“After hugging the kitten, the little girl went to knock on the neighbor’s door, begging for help.”

The cat’s condition was critical, so a neighbor called rescuers to take Giselle to an animal shelter. Giselle soon gave birth to a healthy boy named Pruno.

Giselle and her child seemed to be about to leave the forest, but things got worse a day later.

Giselle refused to eat and could not care for Pruno, so the rescuers rushed her to the veterinarian’s office, where she was diagnosed with “illness”.

Recovering from the operation, Giselle cheered for her baby and cried for him. The rescuers planned a reunion, which turned out to be much more pleasant than they expected.

“They quickly got to know each other when they were together”, remarked Chaton Orfeline Montreal. “Giselle was very sweet and nice to him and she started to lick him gently”.

Giselle and Pruno now live with a wonderful foster family who provides them with love and care. Pruno could not have wished for a sweeter feline mother than Giselle while she is with her baby.

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