The combination of wood and glass has amazing result. You can choose lake or river

The things that seem useless to you can be easily made masterpiece if you really want.

Can an old tree become a masterpiece of modern art? How decorate furniture originally using simple materials like glass and wood? The answers to these questions a very talented young artist knows.  He thinks that it isn’t necessary to cut fresh trees. Instead of them we can use old desks which seem useless at first sight.

Beauty is in the deffects

Работа дизайнера Грега Классена (Greg Klassen)

A young artist, Greg Klassen, is fond of nature and it inspires him make masterpieces. He uses wood of trees that fell apart because they are old. Many people wouldn’t probably pay attention to it. But this artist sees the beauty in defects and disadvantages.

Дизайнер делает мебель из старых (подчас вековых) деревьев, которые упали от старости даже начали гнить

Greg Klassen is in harmony with the nature. He was able to see beautiful lines on the old desks. He just highlights the lines and doesn’t change them.

Кофейный столик созданный из неприглядных старых досок

2 seasides

Мастер создавал, вдохновившись красотой деревьев, которые он нашёл на берегу реки Нуксак

The most distinguishing line of his works is the “River”. These works the artist did with the woods he found when he was walking at the shore of the river.

Старые доски станут будущим дизайнерским шедевром

His works are unique and remind seaside. It is because the designer add some glass mixture in the middle of each work. He uses big pieces of glass when he makes big tables giving them a design of river. When he makes small tables he prefers the design of deep and transparent lakes.

Дизайнер лишь подчёркивает естественные линии дерева и не пытается их переделать

For making lake and river designed tables he uses blue thick glass for his “River” collection that he makes by hand.

River taken apart

Миниатюрный прототип глубинных озёр

Besides the tables the master makes also decorations for the wall. He has a collection called “ A River Divided”. The works are made of 3 parts. These squares look like one sculpture divided into parts.

Кроме мебели мастер создаёт настенные декоративные скульптуры

His work called “Round River” worths to be payed attention to. It doesn’t have frame. It makes the sense of weightlessness.

The process of making

Модульный вариант,состоящий из трёх частей

How these works of art are made? First of all the artist writes down his ideas in the notebook. He draws the scheme of it and then starts to work without modern equipments.

Процесс создания уникальной мебели

He takes care of each process of table making that’s why it will have long life. Decorations like this are easily used in different styles of interior.

Дерево и стекло

In modern life furniture made of useless material is trendy.

Такие предметы отлично впишутся в интерьер, оформленный в скандинавском, японском, экологическом и современном стиле

Would you like to have this kind of table?

Source: Novate

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