The Combination Of The 2 Types Of Art. What A Magnificent Result!

When something changes your plans just take and enjoy the process

Do you love ballet? I think there are 2 variants: either people love ballet with soul and heart, or don’t love at all. This is quite cruel art, especially when we discuss the traumas got because of this art. Though its cruelty it is very gentle and magical.

A married couple and professional photographers Ken Browar and Deborah Ovi are among the people who not only love ballet, but also know much about it. Deborah herself once attended dancing lessons, but was injured and was forced to abandon her career as a dancer. In order to somehow compensate for the lack of dance in her life, she began to film rehearsals at various studios and prepare reports. Ken is a talented photographer who has worked in the fashion industry. And once, when he was in Paris, he filmed the dancers of the Opera.


All this inspired the couple to create a new project in the form of a book-album called ”THE STYLE OF MOVEMENT: Fashion and Dance”. It consists of a series of photographs depicting New York ballet dancers. In the photo they are wearing outfits from famous fashion houses. The pictures are simply amazing. It is impossible to take your eyes off them. There is so much movement in them, as if this is not a photograph, but a frame from a fantasy movie.

Are you fond of ballet?

Source: Duck.Show


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