The cameras caught the moment when a street vendor shares his food with street dogs

The vendor noticed the hungry dogs, stopped and started to feed them.

Even a little kindness from time to time can go a long way in our dangerous lives. It is very difficult to find tenderness and sympathy in this world. Sometimes the Good Samaritan appears to restore our faith in humanity. So this godly fellow did it.

The cameras just caught the boy’s act. Local media have finally released heartbreaking footage of a passerby walking down the street with a container on his back. The man was walking and trying to sell food.

A few steps behind him were 2 stray dogs trying to steal food. So the salesman noticed the hungry dogs and thankfully stopped and started feeding them.

Local news outlet Experso reported that he was caught doing something strange when he thought no one was watching.

The big man hasn’t been analyzed yet, but his kind and human behavior has gone viral on social media with a huge amount of views.

The person whose security camera captured the kind moments told Expreso that he was taken aback by the gesture and asked to meet the kind person. He hoped the man would show up so they could thank him.

So thank you very much kind person, the world needs so many people like you.

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