The bright golden collar is surrounded by finely flecked chest of yellow and green colors

Here is a chubby stocky bird about 18 cm tall (7 inches).

The green-and-black fruiteater (Pipreola riefferii)-a chubby stocky bird about 18 cm tall (7 inches).

An adult male has a black head, neck and chest with a green and medium-green top and light terrestrial tips of feathers on the wings.

The black chest has a yellow ring, and the lower body is yellowish, usually with green specks or stripes.

The female is identical to the male, except that her head is green, not black, and she does not have a yellow necklace.

These birds are found only in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, where they are endemic.

Fans of green and black fruits prefer wet subtropical or tropical mountain forests on the eastern side of the Andes in South America.

Basically, they feed on fruits, and some of them feed on Chloranthaceae (Hedyosmum sp.), Ericaceae, and Melastomataceae species.

A cup -shaped nest is made of moss and tiny roots and is arranged on bushes 1 or 2 meters high.

The female lays two whitish eggs with reddish-brown spots.

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