Sweet touching scene: during the operation, the baby koala hugs his unconscious mother

There is nothing important for babies than their mother and this photo proof of this.

Lizzy-the name of this mother-coal; She was shot down by a car in Australia, which led to a collapse of the lung and face injuries; Good people immediately took her to the emergency room.

Fortunately, her little son was not injured, and since he was too small, the staff decided that he should be left with his mother.

When he saw his mother unconscious, he was so excited and bewildered that the only thing he could do for her was to hug her tightly!

Phantom remained with Lizzy throughout the inspection and procedure, constantly hugged her, and it seemed that his arms were effective.

The operation was successful, and Lizzy will soon recover, they go home!

Maternal love is truly priceless. Employees of the Veterinary Institute were touched to tears, seeing this scene!

So cute …

Great – and a little sad, because the baby does not understand what is happening to his mother. It must have been nice to see a hug when my mother woke up after the operation. I hope everything went well.

Bless their precious souls.

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