Sweet story: this harsh puppy has become a unique guide for a 12-year-old blind dog

 Sweet story: this harsh puppy has become a unique guide for a 12-year-old blind dog

These caring animals are sweet friends and excellent friends.

There is nothing strange in the fact that dogs serve as a review for people with visual impairments. They help these people a lot, accelerating their daily lives. These caring, faithful, as well as responsible animals are also cute close friends and excellent friends. They can also console these people when they are sad or they are upset. Hug them or relax right on them is always enough to melt the heart of their owner. In addition, pets also become an ideal review for their blind fluffy friend. They have exactly the same type, so they can understand each other much better. The story about the charming puppy of a golden retriever named Okay, given below, will cause you dependence. This handsome guy becomes a guide for a 12-year-old blind dog Tao. Since then, both created a solid connection and have become inseparable.

The owner of Tao Melanie Jackson claimed that Tao had lost both eyes in 2014. In her old fluffy close friend, glaucous, eye disease was diagnosed, in which the eyes cannot effectively remove fluids. She never assumed that his condition would deteriorate so suddenly and so quickly. One early morning, Tao seemed to feel normal, but at night he began to shake his head, and only a couple of hours later he blinded one eye, and his eyes were liquidated.

Tao was diagnosed with glaucoma, because of which he lost both eyes. Nevertheless, the hardy dog quickly recovered and enjoyed again

Despite the loss of vision, Tao quickly recovered. She began to climb the stairs on her own, and also could walk without a leash only three days after she lost both vision. Tao seemed to stay again. But her owner Melanie Jackson found that something was missing. Tao demanded that someone play from her and draw up a company to her to make sure that she really does not feel lonely and would not leave her. So, she took everything into her own hands – she found a friend, friend and review for her poor fluffy close friend.

Melanie decided to find a dog that could make friends and get along well with Tao.

The eye, which was only 8 weeks, was delivered directly to the Tao house and became its guide.

Eye is also a golden retriever. The puppy was only about 8 weeks, when Melanie got him, but he quickly received the Tao’s trust fund, and also established a strong connection with him. Since then, both have become indivisible. Eye works great as a survey dog for Tao. Tao accompanies the eye when they walk, and they also sleep together.

They are all the time next to each other. They walk and sleep together.

The owner also teaches Tao to obey the instructions of the eye.

Now the eye is about 17 weeks. The boy really adapted to his new duty. She collaborated with the dog breeding club, which actually used the Tao DNA to help recognize other dogs to glaucoma.

The eye, which is now about 17 weeks, is already used to his new function.

Both Tao and the Eye have remarkable individuals.

The Eye was reproduced by a wonderful breeder from Cornwall-we constantly intended to have another puppy after 3 years ago Tao lost his brother Otis because of cancer cells, but because of her loss of vision, as well as because of the training that I I had to do with Tao, we had to focus on it until the right moment came.

These home dogs are quite simple in education and get along in almost any home or household. They get along very well with children, and also extremely protect their people. If you need a devoted, caring and smart companion, you need to think about taking one of these puppies to your flock.