Sweet scene: mommy bear brings her tiny babies to meet with her friend-man

 Sweet scene: mommy bear brings her tiny babies to meet with her friend-man

She trusts her babies to her friend and they should feel safe.

The friendship of man and wild animals is truly wonderful, because it is difficult for us to trust each other – when wild animals do not attack people, and people do not hunt them.

This story will show that not all bears are dangerous and aggressive; there are times when they are really tender and beautiful, like, for example, this mother is a media!

Patrick Conley, a man from Asheville, North Carolina, somehow made friends with a black bear, and they had a strong and unique relationship. The bear Simon has visited Patrick many times over the years, and once she seemed to be so eager to bring her newborn cubs to him!

The bear appears from the forest, and she knows how to teach children to climb the additional steps to the porch of her old friend she is very glad to meet Patrick and his family!

Patrick could not believe his eyes when he saw charming babies playing behind his mother, not only Simon, but also two miniature Simon standing in front of his house.

He shares: babies are the most cute creatures that have ever walked in these forests, but then I will be a little biased.

Simone was already a best friend of Patrick, so she treated him as a family member when she introduced him to her babies. It also explains how a presumably dangerous bear trusts a person so much that it allows him to meet his vulnerable newborn babies.

Simone is so easily and naturally next to Patrick they treat each other as a family and do not suspect each other at all!

The babies still hesitated a little before jumping on the porch and exploring the area. After short greetings, the bear politely said goodbye to Patrick and returned the cubs to the forest!

Maybe this friendship is special, but it really sincere, it seems, Patrick did not expect such trust from this friend. It’s really cool!

Of course, he is family, this is what a proud mother does!

It is beautiful and amazing, animals instincts work when it comes to their cubs.

This guy clearly deserved her trust.

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