Sweet and lovely: two adorable dogs could have saved the horses at night

In the past, Rottweiler dogs were used to protect herds of cattle.

Rottweilers are known as watchdogs. Especially in the past, Rottweiler dogs were used to protect herds of cattle. Because they have great opportunities for this. They were also used as guard dogs during Roman times. That is, when you are carrying valuables and cash. Therefore, Rottweilers are very popular as guard dogs nowadays.

They have a very developed instinct. Thus, they are the first to feel when something is wrong. So if you also need a guard dog, the Rottweiler is the best breed for that.

Brenna Kramer of Zephyrhills, Florida loves animals. She had a stable at home and two Rottweiler dogs. She trained these dogs to protect both horses and themselves. She adored each of her pets. But she never imagined that one day these dogs would save the lives of her horses. One night something unexpected happened. While she was sleeping in the house, her dogs began to bark very loudly and continuously. Brenna realized something was wrong outside.

So she went out to look. She began by inspecting her horses. Because someone has already turned off the power to the stable. She couldn’t believe what she saw. A rope was tied around the neck of one of the horses, indicating that the animals were also being stolen. However, the ferocity of the two brave dogs would make them run fast. The Rottweiler also had two puncture scars on his head from attempts to save horses. However, the heroic act of two dogs saved the lives of his horses.

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