Such an interesting story: the wolf left her little cub alone and the latter grew up in the environment of people

A kind-hearted girl took a wolf cub abandoned by her mother.

The girl kept the beast as a pet. This is an incredibly touching story. Alida was very fond of animals.

The mother of the wolf left the cub when he was 28 days old. Three days after giving birth, she refused to breastfeed the baby. The shelter staff took him in and took care of the animal.

They posted a sad story from the life of a little wolf on the Internet.

After hearing this story, Alida decided to take it and keep it for herself. The woman was able to take the wolf home. Alida took care of the wolf along with her son. They considered him a full member of their family.

Everyone treated him like a pet. It turned out that raising a wolf is not so easy.

Alida managed to turn the wolf into an obedient dog.

They introduced the wolf to different people, cities and children. Wolves are born with a fear of everything new.

But the wolf lives in a big city, he is not afraid of anything. Easy to get along with children. His childhood friend was Alida’s 7-year-old son.

It turns out that with love and affection, a wild beast can become an attentive, calm animal.

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