Stylish wooden handmade accessories for home

Handmade stylish accessories

Стильные деревянные аксессуары для дома своими руками.

In the interior, wood produces a unique warm feel. It looks wonderful in any environment, doesn’t fade with age, and goes with practically any design. Organic beauty can be added to your home with raw wood items. In this examination, we look at wood products that are simple to make with your own fingers.

These items can be made by anyone, not just those with a lot of woodworking knowledge. Most products are simple to build, even with only rudimentary abilities and a limited collection of equipment. These items will be useful for a long time without becoming obsolete.

Полка для винных бутылок.

If you don’t have enough space in your house for horizontal storage, you can keep wine bottles vertically – only with the head down so the cork doesn’t dry out. A simple wooden plank can be used to make a shelf with perforations.

Подставка для ручек и карандашей.

Pencils and pens can be housed in a bit of wood with several holes drilled, rather than in a crystal.

Место для хранения бус.

Turn the handles to it or drive in nails to make a hanger for necklaces and pearls out of a bit of wood or bark.

Зеркало из деревянных кругляшей.

Wooden rings, to which circular glasses are fastened, will create a really unique wall ornament. When the handles of simple wooden spoons are painted with vivid eco-friendly colors, they become considerably more fascinating.

Оригинальные подставки под горячее.

Hot wedges can also be made out of wooden emblems. If you decorate them with decorations, even the simplest ones, they will seem more intriguing. Drawing a picture on such an item is simple enough for even a kid to do.

Циновка из деревянных дощечек.

It’s simple to make a cosy hallway mat out of wooden planks connected by a rope. All that’s left to do now is coat the planks with moisture-resistant lacquer, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous do-it-yourself carpet.

Вешалка из деревянных сучков.

Tangles of various sizes, placed inside a wooden frame, are excellent for the function of a hallway clothesline – albeit attractive.

Домики, покрытые яркой краской.

It’s as simple as shelling pears to carve miniature homes out of a bit of wood and color them brightly. The item will be used as an eco-friendly decorating idea or a unique baby toy.

Стол из деревянного поддона.

We spoke about how to make regular wooden pallets into furnishings several times in the evaluations. However, some things are so great that they deserve to be mentioned again, such as a coffee table constructed from a pallet and covered in glass.

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