Stylish and comfortable ideas for decorating a room with wooden pieces

Amazing wooden pieces

Необычное и красивое решение, которое доступно любому.

Contemporary architecture is a perpetual battleground for inventiveness. It’s crucial to not only choose the proper colors and elements for a gorgeous house, but also to shock and stand out with something. You can even do it yourself, utilizing a low-cost, high-comfort substance like wood. Saw cuts can be used to offer a new appearance not only to furnishings, but also to decorative objects and garden walkways. The editors of have come up with some unique and convenient suggestions to assist you find inspiration.

1․Decorate the walls

Красивая фактура дерева и нестандартный подход в оформлении — залог успеха. /Фото:

The days of plain paint and wallpaper from a restricted selection are long gone. They are, obviously, extensively utilized in design, but most designers strive for different solutions and material combinations. Even the flooring is now installed on the wall rather than the floor. And the tree looks stunning in any design and in every location in the room. As a result, using a tree cut, you can create an interesting and distinctive proposed design on the wall in the shape of a design, completely or entirely covering it. You can utilize saw cuts of the same size as well as multiple versions to create an even more distinctive design.

Уютное решение для дома и дачи, которое может реализовать любой. /Фото:

  1. The garden path

Нестандартное решение для дорожки в саду. /Фото:

Wonderfully cut wood looks great not only within the home, but also outside. They may, for instance, draw out a path in the yard, which would be quite attractive. Just keep in mind that you must first prepare a flat, well-packed surface beneath the tree. In order to extend the tree’s endurance and retain its elegant look, the saw cuts themselves should be treated with special methods.

  1. Hanger

Обычный предмет, который превращается в украшение дома. /Фото:

In any house, a hanger is important. And, despite the fact that this is a pretty functional and recognisable type of furniture, no one takes the time to make it unique and attractive. Consider using a saw-cut tree as an instance. You’ll need numerous logs, which will need to be cut into parts with a machine tool or an electrical, gasoline saw, and also strong wood glue, to do this. The tree is lacquered from above to preserve it from water and light while also giving it a lovely gloss. A foundation in the shape of one or two boards is also required for the hanger, based on the width and proportions desired. Make sure there are multiple hooks on the hanger. You can construct a lovely key holder on your own using a similar approach.

Even if the hanger is standing in a room with minimal humidity, don’t compromise on lacquer. To ensure that it lasts a long time, apply two layers of varnish to the wood, each of which must be well cured.

  1. Vase for flowers

Необычно и красиво, привлекает к себе внимание. /Фото:

It is not required to create colossal items to make the room unique. It is sufficient to just embellish the vase with round saw cut wood in order to pique the visitors’ curiosity. The finishing trick is straightforward: good wood glue and some spare time. Simply paste a tree over any vase, or even an unwanted container or jar, and it will take on a totally different appearance.

  1. A dining room table

Простое в реализации, но очень красивое решение. /Фото:

The tree’s architecture is always inviting and lovely. As a result, wooden tables are extremely popular. They’re also quite powerful, resilient, and long-lasting, which is vital. Nevertheless, even if a basic wooden table is attractive, it will no longer astonish many people. However, the decoration made from a tree saw ed will add a unique touch. When you mix this substance with epoxy glue, the table becomes a true work of art.

6. Stand or tray

Стильное и практичное решение. /Фото:

Wood is ideal for dealing with hot or scalding foods. As a result, you may build a tray or a hot stand of any size from a cut. You’ll need a form to lay out the wood rings, and also epoxy to fill in the gaps among them. If the stand is tiny, bind it together with adhesive. A large-diameter saw cut can be used as a stand-alone tray to which rope handles can be attached.

Поднос из большого спила. /Фото:

  1. Mirror frame

Уютное решение для любой комнаты. /Фото:

A tree saw cut is ideal for adorning a frame on a glass or a frame. It complements every room’s color palette and may be used in practically any setting. You can rapidly create astonishing elegance with glue and perseverance.

8. Timepiece

Удивительно красивая фактура дерева, которой можно любоваться бесконечно. /Фото:

You can create your own clock from a single large saw cut or multiple small diameter parts. The motor is mounted on the back, while the arrows are mounted on the front. You may make timepieces in any size, colour, or style. The most important thing is to tie the imagination together.

9. Distinctive design

С помощью краски и дерева можно привлечь внимание. /Фото:

Wood is an excellent source of creative motivation. You can use it to bring any pictures or thoughts to life. You can leave the wood’s natural colour or add some bright colours; either way, it will look amazing and special.

Картины, которые смотрятся стильно, но выполняются просто. /Фото:

  1. Non-standard floor

Пол из дерева может иметь разный вид. /Фото:

You can cover the weight of the floor in a room or a distinct space, such as dining or resting, with a saw cut from a tree. Such a solution will be unique, and it will be inexpensive. Cement slurry or construction adhesive, placed in an even layer, can be used to secure the circular bits of wood.

  1. Fence

С помощью дерева можно оформить красивый забор. /Фото:

We’re used to seeing fences in a variety of shapes and sizes, but this one appears to be unique. You may make a stunning and durable fence using saw cuts from a large diameter tree.

However, trees can organically develop into walls, seats, and even automobiles.

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