Striped silhouettes. Wooden paintings by Dolan Gaiman

What a wonderful wooden paintings

Полосатые силуэты: деревянные картины Долана Геймана

Dolan Gaiman, a Chicago artist, does not use paints to create his works; instead, he arranges materials collected from all around the country. It’s tough to put his work into concrete terms. In fact, what is it: odd sculptures or wooden paintings? The skilled American’s sculptures merge urban and rural, vintage and modernism. The author of silhouettes describes his style as the embodiment of straightforward content in a straightforward format.

Covers from books that have been used as kindling for a long time, table legs, metal scraps, road signs… Dolan Geiman began collecting all of these as a child in preparation for future works of art. And he began to study sculpture and engraving in his adolescence, but he claims that chats with his mother, who taught him to stare into the sky, were far more beneficial.

Картины-скультптуры: деревянные работы Долана Геймана

Dolan Gaiman took up old wood and other similar items for what reason? He actually grew up outside of the city. All a child had access to were rusted tractor spare parts, sticks of all shapes and sizes, and other trash. The boy’s imagination led him to figure out how to make a confection out of dubious materials, and experience led him to where he could buy decent materials for his first creative projects. For example, a student sculptor could go digging in the stables for horseshoes for a future ”masterpiece.”

Деревянные картины американского деревенщика

Деревянные силуэты: необычные картины Долана Геймана

Dolan Gaiman rejects the label of craftsman, believing that it refers to a person who lives alone in the moonlight, away from society. The maestro favors the term ”American Ruralist” to describe himself. This, according to Gaiman, is a person who enjoys venturing into the countryside in order to gather impressions and confirm moral principles. Someone goes to the village and opens the Bible for this. And, speaking about landmarks, the author of the wooden paintings enjoys gospels, which are Christian rhythmic chants, despite the fact that he is an atheist.

Картины Долана Геймана из деревяшек и балясин

Немудреное содержание в простой форме: деревянные картины Долана Геймана

The prospect of going to the village, to his aunt, to the wilderness does not strike the author of wooden paintings as a curse: ”The wilderness is not a luxury, but a need of the human spirit,” he repeats after the writer Edward Abbey, correctly believing that nothing clears the mind like a few days away from civilization.

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