Simple Steps To Make Your Ordinary Table Extraordinary. Follow The Instructions And Do It Yourself

Sometimes second chance makes the thing better than it was

Even to old furniture is given a 2nd chance if creativity and originality is used. You can read and see below how a simple table has become a designing object and bright element of the interior.

What is needed for restoration?

First of all you need the chair itself. It can be taken from wherever you want. For restoring the table the following is needed: universal glue, big vinyl tablecloth with bright prints, white or beige paint, scissors, tape measure, ruler and pencil

Advice! Instead of tablecloth you can use other materials. You can use fabrics but they demand specific work.

You can choose colors and prints according to your taste and demands.

The process of restoring

This needs several levels.

Paint all the sides of the table and let it dry completely. Take measures of the table, draw all the important details on the table and then cut them.  Then stick cut details on the table accurately. Remove the rest of the surplus of glue and let it dry.

That’s all!

With the help of simple elements and minimal efforts your table is restored and now has a bright and stylish design.

Would you like to do the same?

Source: Lemurov

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