«She has no plans to be wrinkled grandma!»: Salma Hayek chose a tiny swimsuit by the pool and caused a stir

Apparently Salma in a spicy image has forgotten about her age!😱🫠The star’s photos by the pool will make your hearts beat faster and arouse the admiration of many🔥🤤

Famous actress Salma Hayek left all her fans delighted when she posted photos by the pool in a tiny swimsuit. The image won the hearts of many who were delighted with her eternal beauty․ They left positive comments under the post.

Hayek continues to maintain her stunning looks at this age, and no one can believe that she is approaching 60-years-old. Many were crazy and praised her beauty, wanting to look like her at that age. Some compared her to the famous actress from the movie «Pretty Woman».

Still, there were critics who doubted that she decided not to hide her gray hair. However, millions of people expressed their admiration and love, as they assured that Salma is the most beautiful woman.

What do you think about Salma’s appearance? We are waiting for your opinions under the post․

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