«She didn’t even think that he was her father»: she represented a guest without thinking who he was

Once this optimistic and caring dad decided to make a surprise daughter.

Usually, parents play an important role in the life of their children.

However, sometimes not every child manages to enjoy their presence in his life or to have them nearby.

Especially those who have a mother or father in the army will completely understand what it means to be separated from them.

Sometimes they have to wait a long time to just hug them with colossally accumulated feelings.

The reason is simple: they miss many birthdays, school events, or simple daily hugs and conversations that need to be completed.

So, this is an example of how the sergeant of the US Army. Jason Webb’s family learned to live practically without him.

Moreover, his beloved daughter Haley Webb is used to growing up without his beloved and ideal dad.

Once this optimistic and caring dad decided to make her a big surprise after 2 years of duty.

It so happened that at school the girls celebrated Veterans Day, and she even performed at the assembly.

So, she even asked dad if he could come on a temporary vacation.

However, her dad assured her that it would be impossible to attend the event.

It soon became clear that Jason decided to come and surprise his beloved daughter with the help of her school staff.

Although she had doubts that this was impossible, since her father was in Korea, she continued her speech.

When she finished her speech, she raised her eyes and, to her great surprise, it was her father going to her.

A lot of tears spilled from her eyes from happiness, and she will never forget the sweetest arrival of her beloved dad.

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