«Selfie at 78, became a reason for discussion»։ fans were disappointed with the recent photo of Michael Douglas

It would be better if he did not share this selfie!☹️🥴The recent photo of aged Douglas and especially a relationship with a young wife became a reason for criticism😬🤨

Michael Douglas is an older actor who surprised fans with his relationship with a young woman who is the famous star Catherine Zeta-Jones. The famous 53-year-old actress posted a touching Father’s Day message dedicated to her husband. They got married in 2000, and their love surprised many․

Despite the age difference, they surprise many fans and find their happiness unique. But there are many for whom such an age difference can become a problem in a relationship.
Recently, the actor shared with his subscribers a selfie in which one can clearly see how he has aged and become wrinkled․ Some fans were surprised by how Zeta-Jones lives with him.

Zeta-Jones and her husband continue to capture the hearts of many and inspire others with their unique love.
What do you think about this? Would you be able to build relationships with a large age difference?

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