Scratches on furniture. Simple tips to help solve different problems

Interesting ideas to solve different problems

Scuffs and cracks can occur even in the most eco – friendly materials, such as wood furniture, floors, laminate, and other laminated goods. The latter can not only detract from the aesthetic of a wooden object, but also cause it to malfunction. As a result, every proprietor should keep various solutions to the challenges in mind. Both ”formal” and ”traditional” methods are possible.

  1. We use specialized equipment to eliminate chips.

Используем воск. |Фото:

We make use of wax. The use of special waxes is the greatest answer in the fight with chips. We’re particularly interested in soft wax in this scenario. This may be found in nearly every hardware shop. It appears to be made of plastic. Offered in a range of colors. With a little manual work, the furnishings will be nearly as good as new. The work area must be carefully cleaned before spraying wax.

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Furniture glue is what we use. Another efficient way to get rid of cracked wood. We locate the specific color putty, sanitize the work area, reduce the mixture, and the issue stays little. After the mixture has dried, sandpaper is used to eliminate any surplus.

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Epoxy putty is what we use. Plasticine can be two-component and self-hardening. This procedure is beneficial since it helps you to shut up even the most severe tree chips. Prior to applying the formula to the damaged surface, it must be thoroughly sanitized and washed. After the plasticine has hardened, it is suggested that you put a furnishings touch on over of it.

  1. We use unconventional methods to remove the chips.

Иногда может помочь чопик. |Фото:

We eat with chopsticks. The use of a wooden patch has been established over time. The only issue is that using a chopstick is not always possible. Even if a significant amount of adhesive is also incorporated into the chip.

Чудо-кашица. |Фото:

Sawdust and glue are used. Another old ”traditional” method for removing tree chips. PVA glue, sawdust, and other particles are among the materials we use. We combine all of the ingredients in such a manner that the final product has the texture of oatmeal. Following that, we attempt to repair the affected area. After thorough drying, any surplus is eliminated.

  1. We use specialized equipment to remove scratches.

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We utilize a varnish that does not provide a halo effect. The most common form of this treatment is a spray. It’s simple to use, dries quickly, and efficiently removes the majority of scratches. The only challenge is determining the appropriate level of shine. Always check the guidelines before using a non-halo lacquer.

Можно попробовать эмаль. |Фото:

Enamel is what we use. With the right enamel, almost any scratch may be fixed. It won’t be difficult to locate her. To do so, simply get assistance from a hardware store. If the scratches are too deep, a primer must be used first before the enamel can be used.

Хорошо себя показывают штрихи. |Фото:

Markers or strokes can be used. We’re not speaking regular regular markers here, but rather special repair markers. These are available in hardware and furnishing shops. The only challenge is deciding on a marker color. After scratching the area, a piece of cloth is used to wipe away any surplus from the tree.

  1. We use creative methods to erase scratches.

Наверное лучше скушать. |Фото:

Walnut is what we use. We use a peeled nut to rub the faulty areas. This procedure is only appropriate for instances in which a damage must be fixed quickly. The cleavage spot will most probably be revealed again in a few days.

Натираем заваркой. |Фото:

We drink either coffee or tea. The rationale is same to that of the nut. We take a brew of coffee or tea and apply it on the affected area. You can’t expect a long-term result, but if you really need to ”disgracefully cover it up” a scratch quickly, the procedure will suffice for the time being.

Не только для железа. ¦Фото:

WD-40 is what we use. WD-40, a well-known automobile compound, can be used to remove blemishes. Obviously, the tree’s flaws will not go away as a result of this, but sometimes they will be less obvious. Only the tiniest of damages are suited for this procedure.

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