«Replaced the star with a waitress»: Shakira’s fans are disappointed to find out who her ex cheated on the singer with

Shakira didn’t deserve this kind of treatment!🙄Recently, Shakira’s ex-husband Gerard Piqué shared a photo with his new partner, igniting a strong reaction among the singer’s devoted fans😲😬

Fans were at a loss when they learned about the divorce of the famous Hollywood singer Shakira from Piqué. It turned out that her husband cheated on Shakira and she found out about it by accident, which led to separation.

They had two children, which made their separation difficult. With children, divorce was not easy.

Recently, Gerard Piqué posted a photo with his new partner. All of Shakira’s loyal fans were disappointed to see these photos. They wrote comments and criticized Gerard for his act.

The comments under Gerard Piqué’s photo show how loyal Shakira’s fans are to her. The disappointment that fans are experiencing is obvious.
Thus, new photos of Gerard Piqué and his chosen one became a reason for criticism among fans.

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