«Reason for this image is already her principle»: a beautiful Dakota does not want to wear a bra

She always loves to dress freely and it doesn’t bother her.

Dakota Johnson prefers to dress as freely as the roles that she plays in the cinema. Since she gained fame thanks to her role in the sensual series «50 shades of gray», the actress has changed her experience in fashion.

She still wears classic styles, but over time, the objects of her wardrobe turned into more provocative ensembles.

Given that her mother, Melanie Griffith, Hollywood celebrity, and star High Note grew up in their environment. So it is quite logical that

Dakota developed a special sense of style from an early age after she saw her mother dressed at numerous solemn events. If she did not go like her plus one, that is.

A native of Texas looked incredibly beautiful in a shortened top Gucci with a silver chain that showed her neckline on the LACMA gala concert: Art + Film 2021, demonstrating the perfect aesthetics of a disco chart. Dakota chose simple accessories, making smoky eye makeup and red lipstick, and wearing a flowing satin skirt to the floor in bodily peach color.

The co-co-specific director of the mod reported that the mood boards help her to follow their style during the release of the Hello Fashion series on YouTube, organized by its stylist.

She said: «I love mood boards. I use them for food, emotional support, and clothes».

Comparing her daytime and night clothes, the actress «how to be lonely» has further developed her vision of fashion for a disco. I am definitely a disco-char, she said. «In the afternoon I am just an ordinary ball, and at night I am a disco char».

At the Venice Film Festival in 2021, when she went on the red carpet in a chain֊haired dress from Gucci, she had one of the most recognizable images without a bra.

In January 2022, she said to Elle UK: «This outfit weighs about 27 pounds». He was so heavy that it was tiring to wear it.

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