«Proved that she deserves attention»: everyone laughed at her until she surprised everyone

When she was fond of dance, they laughed at her because of her weight.

Get to know Lizzy Howell, a talented and hardworking dancer.

However, for years she had to put up with unpleasant comments about her weight and appearance in dancing.

Nevertheless, this remained her passion, and over time she overcame difficulties and problems.

Dancing helped Lizzy to survive difficult times similar to those that she experienced because of her disability.

And in those years when she went deep into the classic dance, she always laughed at her because of her weight.

However, she was such a strong and hardworking girl that no one could prevent her from fulfilling her cherished dream-to go to a dancer.

As Lizzy announced, she wanted to recall the reason why she was stuck in ballet.

Then she realized that she did not represent her life without ballet!

Currently, Lizzy is engaged in a bog and ballet only twice a week, but this is because her schedule is too loaded.

To keep her family aware of her success, Lizzy began to publish a video and share her story on her Instagram.

She cannot even imagine, but soon her video became viral, becoming very inspiring and encouraging themes for many.

Nevertheless, it is a source of inspiration for those who lack courage and self -confidence.

She helps them be motivated and immediately start something very important for them that she managed to do

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