«Pregnant belly in a pink bra and thong»։ Rihanna displayed her pregnant belly in a bold ensemble

Rihanna made headlines with a daring photoshoot🔥😱«There must be a mystery in a woman. Why did she introduce herself in this form with a belly?», fans are perplexed😬😵

The famous singer and actress Rihanna, who captivated the whole world with her song «Umbrella», recently surprised all her fans with her unique fashion photo shoot. The 35-year-old star confidently showed off her pregnant belly in a daring look. She found herself the center of attention of her fans. We would like to remind you that Rihanna is expecting her second child with rapper ASAP Rocky.

Rihanna leads an active life, always participating in any events and fashion projects. Rihanna recently shared photos of her own fashion brand, Savage x Fenty. The star posed in colorful lingerie, leaving everyone in awe.

She chose natural makeup that perfectly showed off her natural beauty․ Her husband ASAP Rocky was with her throughout the entire process․ Rihanna chose for a pink bustier and thong for a unique aesthetic. The pop star completed her look with purple shoes and gold jewelry․ She chose a necklace, bracelet and ear cuff.

Despite her pregnancy, Rihanna posed proudly in front of the cameras, showing off her figure. Fans are crazy about her amazing photos. Many people admire the fact that she always maintains her figure even during pregnancy․ Some people dream of looking as beautiful as Rihanna. But there were many Internet users who criticized her image. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the chosen image, especially during pregnancy․

Rihanna recently became the face of the iconic brand Louis Vuitton and captivated everyone with her nude photo shoot for their collection. The unique star even used a diamond on her toe․ The jewelry lover surprised with a sparkling belly chain worth 135 million rubles.

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