Potato Planting In Wooden Boxes. How Simple Things Can Make Extraordinary Inventions

Nowadays simplicity is valued more. Simple ideas make extraordinary items 

Modern life doesn’t love complicated things. So, even growing and harvesting potatoes has simpler way. You can have them grown wherever you want. If you are for this idea you must be sure you have other facilities for that.

The Wooden potato planter can become inseparable part of your garden. Now you don’t need to do the messy things people do to grow potatoes. You just need to open the wooden door and take the grown potatoes from it.

wooden potato planter with door

This wooden potato planter can be easily made by yourself. Follow the instructions of the tutorials presented in the plans offered by the famous shop ‘Epsy’. The only thing you need to do is buying that plan package.

diy plant container made from wooddiy wooden potato planter with door

The wooden planter has its sizes and approximate cost, which is $35. . But it depends on the material. So if you have wood and other needed things you can pay less.

detail plan wooden potato planter with door

Do you like potatoes? If yes, would you like to have this wooden potato planter?

Source: Etsy

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