People Tried To Challenge The Nature. Look At These Curious Situations. What A Wonderful Nature!

People should understand that even if they all become inventors and the smartest nobody can defeat the nature

Man believes that he managed to tame nature. Wild animals rarely wander into our territory, the streets are concreted, and certain corners are allocated for flora and fauna. But is this true and how long the civilisation will exist before it is swallowed up by greenery?

The house is completely covered in sand. In a couple of years, this place will become indistinguishable from the Martian plains.

A shift became an ancient island

Never give up

How tall this plant has grown! But the bells didn’t make noise anymore

Look at this confrontation between a tree and a road sign, nature won

If only all the pointers were so amazing

Soon the old Irish castle will become close to nature.

The owners of the broom should pay more attention to the fact that bushes are trying to drag it away.

Soon the artificial lawn can be removed

What other competitions between the nature and human have you faced?

Source: Lemurov 

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