«People invented it, and they are still modern»: 17th-century Italian wine cases were used during the plague

It’s amazing how people could create such architectural masterpieces.

Usually, we think that the human imagination is internal, but sometimes difficulties and trials make our imagination fly.

It is amazing how in ancient times people could create such architectural masterpieces as pyramids or towers.

So, this is another example of how people can find a syntax solution that combines the useful and the aesthetic.

These tiny wine windows (buchette del vino) were widespread in Florence during the Italian plague.

The goal was to accumulate surpluses while avoiding touching the lower classes.

So developed Florence has adopted the same method of selling from cocktails to tea without COVID during the pandemic.

As reported by the Italian Association of Winemakers, during the plague of 1629-1631, winemakers sold their products through these tiny convenient windows.

Thus, during the coronavirus, the local residents of Florence could put themselves in the place of their ancestors by experiencing the infection.

In addition, such small windows are common only in Florence and Tuscany.

More than 150 holes can be seen through the ancient city walls of Florence.

Moreover, this amazing fact attracts many tourists and guests to the historical center, turning it into a business center after 2020.

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