People Don’t Scold This Street Art. Let’s See What Is The Reason

Sometimes street art carries such a meaning that everyone becomes astonished and just praise the author.

Few people like scribbles-paintings by street loungers, in which there is no point. That’s why the artist, nicknamed Scaf, chose a different way – he began to stun passers-by with realistic three-dimensional monsters .Let’s look at them

Before and after. This is a harmless work

More funny

Just Wow!

What a kitten!

Eerily realistic

Typical urban squirrel

Majestic drawings

The most important fact is to pay attention to the shadows

Seriously, looks alive

You are coming around the corner and oh!

Why let good walls remain plenty

Let the citizens rejoice

This work is risky

There are monsters at the corners

Intense fight

A good decoration of the building

Riding for adventures

These works are really alive and magical

Which one do you like most?

Source: Lemurov

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