«Ordinary look without makeup»: in paparazzi photos, Amber Heard transitioned from Hollywood to motherhood

Amber in leggings and comfortable sneakers surprised fans without makeup😳🙄It seems that the idea of flawless beauty is slightly exaggerated😬😏

Hollywood famous star Amber Heard divorced Johnny Depp in a scandalous way, and disappeared from the public eye for some time. But she was recently spotted by paparazzi during walk in Madrid, Spain.

Let us remind you that Amber lost the case against her ex-husband and decided not to appear in public․ She moved to Spain, where she lives with her daughter, who was born through a surrogate mother.

A close friend of Amber stated that she decided to temporarily suspend her acting career in order to be quietly close to her daughter and not be in the spotlight of Hollywood and the public. But maybe she will accept an interesting opportunity if it is offered to her.

In the paparazzi photos, Amber wore simple sneakers, leggings and a top with a large bag on her shoulder․ Apparently she went for a walk with her daughter on a scooter. She looks completely like an ordinary woman without makeup or unique clothing. The little girl has already grown up and looks like her mother․

Doctors diagnosed her with infertility, but she decided to do everything possible to become a mother․ In 2021, her daughter was born, she announced this on social networks and said that she was the legal parent of the child.
Now Amber wants to spend more time with her daughter and raise her away from Hollywood.

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