«Officially recognized beauty of the world»: the story of the most beautiful woman on the planet

She left everything and lived in complete solitude under a fictional name.

Greta Garbo was called the «Swedish sphinx», the perfection of personality and the largest secret of world cinema.

She sought to become an actress, although when her desire came true, she left everything and lived in complete solitude under a fictional name.

A large film studio tried to take control of it, but Garbo outwitted them, not allowing her to influence exclusively on her own.

As a result, the film industry reached for this amazing woman, and to this day she remains one of the most popular world actresses.

Let’s explore the story of the Scandinavian fairy queen, who is worthy of a fantastic film, and we believe that the actor will be able to embody her image on the big screen.

Here are eleven statistical data Greets Garbo, which can become the basis for a biographical film.

Greta Gustafsson is her stage pseudonym, not a real name.

When the girl was 14 years old, her father died. She had to leave school and go to work.

She received the position of saleswoman in the store of women’s hats, and the owner suggested photograph her for advertising his goods.

At that time, everyone in the show industry was attracted by a quiet, but photogenic girl.

Greta Gustafsson was somewhat full before she became famous. Director Moritz Stiller made her lose weight. Despite this, in California she was not considered a thin actress.

Its growth was 170 cm, and the size of its shoes is 42 cm.

At that time, it was not so highly fashionable.

At first, she had problems with English, but she quickly dominated Hollywood, earning huge amounts and receiving the right to dictate her conditions to the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer filmmaker.

He believed that it is impossible to create this in cosmetics.

However, when she was still an actress, she was strongly recommended to cut them so that they would not cast a shadow into her eyes. Greta, fortunately, did not.

Greta Garbo was called the «first and most beautiful woman in the world» Book of Guinness Records in the 1950s.

However, the actress herself believed that her sister Alva is more beautiful and more talented to her.

What do you think? Who is beautiful?

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