Now You Can Easily Take Part In Actions Of The Book. An Interactive Book With Intriguing Solutions

When your childhood dream comes true, your life changes to the positive direction.

Reading is like teleport that keeps connection between the reality and imagination. While reading we try to think like the characters of the book or think about their behavior, we find the answers of our questions according to our imagination and understandings.

It would be great if we were able to participate in the main story. Brady Whitney found a way to make it possible. He made a puzzle book where one can find a story on one side and a puzzle appropriate to the story. If you want to read the next part, you have to solve the puzzle.

brady whitney codex silenda puzzle book

The inspiration of this invention is Da Vinci’s Codex and used it as a subject of the story.

codex silenda 5-pages puzzle book

This interactive book develops several skills and makes brains think in different directions.

Every reader must solve 5 puzzles one by one in order to read the story till the end.

codex silenda five puzzle pieces

5 interesting levels wait for you. But one must know that these are not like the simple puzzles everyone know.

codex silenda puzzle book

The book is made of wood and is created by hand. It is an amazing gift for those who are fond of detective genre and are intelligent.

codex silenda puzzle book mechanical iris

codex silenda puzzle book rotating maze

codex silenda puzzle book geneva gears

codex silenda puzzle book paradox sliders

codex silenda puzzle book cryptex lock

codex silenda puzzle book laser cut text

brady whitney puzzle book laser cut wood

Would you like to have this puzzle-book? What kind of puzzles do you prefer?

Source: Brady Whitney

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