«Neighbor buys a house back for her»: an elderly widow is evicted from the house where she lived for decades

She could not even think that she would be kicked out of the house.

The elderly widow of Angie Tyma was faced with the terrifying reality of homelessness after she was evicted from her 30-year residence in Hudson, Florida.

Tyma lived in a house with her husband to his death, and then continued to live there, paying rent to the new owner.

Unfortunately, real estate was later sold to an investment company due to the inability of the previous owner to pay a mortgage loan, and Tyma was notified of eviction.

The situation for Tyma was also aggravated by the fact that she dispelled the dust of her late husband in the backyard, and also buried her three pets there.

Tyma discovered that he lives at the hotel for three weeks, feeling grief and lost.

But the neighbors were not going to leave her without home.

When they noticed that Tyma’s personal belongings were taken out of her house, they rallied to help her.

One of her neighbors, Danielle Calder,did everything possible and bought the house from an investment company for 167,500 dollars.

Colder, who already had a house, did not need another, but felt obligated to help Tim and wanted her to return to the house and the community that she loved.

On the 89th birthday of Tyma, Calder surprised her, giving her the keys to a newly acquired house.

Tyma was beside herself with joy and returned to her house, paying the rent to Colder to help with expenses.

Thanks to the collective efforts of her sympathetic community, Tyma was able to regain a house and a sense of security.

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