«Mom surprised hiding her tattoos»: the children did not recognize her mother after she covered 40 tattoos

The transformation has greatly changed her appearance and surprised children.

Makeup artist Gemma Horner showed the audience a program of transformation and the possibility of makeup art.

During the transformation of Amy Smith, a 23-year-old alternative model, which for the past ten years covered her body with tattoos and piercing, underwent so significant changes that her mother was tiled to tears, and her little son did not even recognize her.

Amy has a lot of tattoos, including face, as well as several piercings.

Amy is proud of his tattoos and considers them as a form of self-expression and art.

When it became possible to participate in the show «Transformation», Amy saw in this a chance to see herself as if she had no tattoos.

She was very nervous while the makeup artist Gemma Horner applied makeup to hide tattoos and choose a shade of her skin.

A few hours later, Horner not only hid tattoos, but also laid Amy’s red hair in curls.

When Amy saw herself in the mirror, she was the first to see a transformation.

When the mother and stepfather Amy saw her transformed look, they both reacted equally, smiling through tears.

While Amy’s mother called her beautiful, Amy was surprised by the transformation and felt awkwardly, as if looking at a stranger.

Despite the sharp transformation, Amy said that she was even more determined to continue to make tattoos and cover her body.

She plans to ultimately make tattoos throughout the body, without showing naked skin.

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