Missing for 3 weeks: the truck dog was found about 25 km from the place of disappearance

It had been almost 3 weeks since a truck driver, had no news of his dog.

A Chihuahua crusader has gone missing in Saint-Étienne. One of the many people mobilized to find him spotted him far beyond the scope of the search.

Justin can finally breathe. Her dog Spirou has been found and they can be reunited today, Monday, after weeks apart. A happy ending, according to France Bleu this Sunday, November 21st.

The truck driver is grateful to all the anonymous people who contributed to the study both on the ground and through social media. Starting with Miriam Martin, a resident of a town near Saint-Étienne, who recognized Spirou and took care of him while waiting to meet his owner.

This black-coated Chihuahua mix went missing on November 3rd. Spirou escaped from his owner’s truck that day in an accident.

They were then on rue Jean Huss, near the Saint-Étienne section of the A72. On social networks, in particular, a call for help was made on the Pet Alert Loire 42 page.

It was through the same post that the good news was announced in an update on Saturday. The dog was found 25 kilometers from Saint-Romain-en-Jar.

This Monday the dog and his owner reunited

Justin, who is due to return to Beziers in Herault, where he lives, will return to the Loire on Monday for an emotional reunion.

Spiro feels good and also wants to see his man again, who expressed his gratitude to everyone who came to his aid.

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