«Meet new lover of the star»: here is who became a new romantic partner of Emma Watson

Not everyone knows that Emma started a new relationship!🤔🫣She piqued the curiosity of her fans in the company of a new romantic partner🧐😲

Emma Watson is an actress known for her wonderful acting career. Recently, she has been the center of attention among her many fans regarding her personal life.

Recently, paparazzi spotted Emma with her new romantic partner. Seeing them, it immediately became clear that these relations were not friendly․

The paparazzi photos were taken in Venice. The couple went boating and then went to a local restaurant. From the photographs it became clear that Emma is already sincerely happy, although nothing is known about her partner yet․

Emma was previously in a relationship with Brendon Wallace, but their relationship soon ended. The couple communicated for almost a year and a half. There were rumors that they had a strong connection, but they could not live together because they had different views on life.

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