Marine life is really interesting: a diver encountered a giant whale off the coast of Sri Lanka

For those in love with the marine life, there is a dream to swim with its creatures.

For lovers of marine life, there is no greater dream than to swim next to its magnificent creatures. However, sometimes life is not enough to realize this desire, but as it turns out, some are more fortunate than others.

This group of non-marine divers have always dreamed of up close encounters with the blue whale, the world’s largest giant. Recently, their dream came true and they even captured a unique experience on camera, and the results are amazing.

All experienced divers, Marianne Aventurier, a psychomotor therapist, and Alex Voyer and Alex Roubaud, talented underwater photographers, have traveled the world to encounter the elusive blue whales.

But in the end, they came face to face with giant creatures off the coast of Sri Lanka.

“One of our wildest and most unattainable dreams was to swim next to a blue whale,” said Marianne.

“And here, in Sri Lanka, we were lucky to find a huge group of sperm whales. It can be from one to 15 objects, divided into groups, but close enough to each other.”

“Finally, during these 40 hours at sea, we managed to make eye contact with a blue whale twice. “Forty hours for a few seconds of meeting, but it was worth it,” Marian said.

“I was about to return to the boat, when suddenly I was nose to nose with her. He swam up to me. I moved, looking for his eyes, which are not so easy to find in such large animals. He is covered with remora, he is noble.

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