«Man was able to lose weight by 100 kg»: now a 47-year-old man works as a coach in a fitness club

For more than ten years he used to consume fast food causing a harmful lifestyle.

Get to know Ralph Lawless from Hertfordshire, who, thanks to his enormous willpower, was able to radically change his life.

For more than ten years, he used fast food which led to a harmful lifestyle.

The state of his health began to deteriorate day by day.

His main meal was unhealthy food, and his hobby was watching the TV, and lying on the couch.

Fortunately, he was able to get rid of a bad habit and managed to change his lifestyle after a weight gain of 187 kg.

Therefore, with great willpower, he began to work on his body and mind.

At first, he signed up for dancing courses and walked a lot.

And, of course, in compliance with the daily diet.

As the 47-year-old man admitted, he used to eat 8 sandwiches in one dinner, as he loved them.

All that could be eaten immediately appeared in his stomach.

He consumed so much fast food that an ordinary person ate in a week.

He lived alone, so his only work was to eat and sleep.

However, now it weighs only 76 kg and, in addition to the diet, helps to maintain a form and others, working as a fitness trainer.

The man managed to change so incredibly that friends jokingly call him «Ralph Travolta».

So even nutritionists are amazed at his staggering result and declared the man the «man of the year»!

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