Man uses homemade wood ash cement and fired brick to build hut

Amazing house built by a man

In terms of innovative technology, people have gone a long way. I’m not simply talking about cellphones and related gadgets. Ever since time of our forefathers, even the most fundamental architecture has advanced significantly.

In reality, a lot of us are fortunate enough to not even need to consider creating a refuge for ourselves. That is already taken care of in our culture by specialized building companies.

Every one of us will certainly only ever construct homes in a virtual environment as part of an event. How fortunate are we? As a matter of fact, most people in the current world lack even the most basic survival abilities necessary to thrive in a prehistoric society. Therefore, let’s pray that we never have to experience a real apocalypse where our civilization disintegrates.

But there are some folks out there who are very skilled at making simple structures. Really like craftsman who created the television show Primitive Technologies, who constructs houses from nothing at all!

These are stunning sculptures that are truly livable, not shoddily constructed stick structures held together by a shred of rope.

He created his own bricks using hardwood ash for one of the residences he constructed. It’s fantastic beyond belief! Naturally, creating such a location from the ground up takes time, and he needed more than six months to finish this specific endeavor.

I constructed a cottage out of fired clay bricks and cemented it with cement produced from wood shavings left over from the burning process, the guy in the video above explains. The ash that was left behind after the bricks were fired was sufficient to mortar those same bricks together. The hut measured 2 m by 2 m and was 2 m tall at the rooflines. The roof was constructed using wooden beams that were mortared onto the rooflines. I then affixed these timbers with barrel roof tiles that I had produced. Construction on the entire project lasted six and a half months.

See the procedure is here:

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