Man demonstrates how he builds a simple thatched-roof workshop

A simple thatched-roof workshop

If you’ve ever watched the Primitive Technology program, you definitely know how this one will end. One of the most skilled artisans we have ever encountered is this guy.

We find it difficult to believe that someone could build a tiled roof, weather-resistant workplace out of the resources at his disposal, but he is disproving the doubters. From the wrath of nature, he wished to shield himself and all of his upcoming endeavours. Undoubtedly, that is a great purpose.

He has, as far as we can tell, been successful. Do you really think he constructed this workshop with items he discovered in the forest?

He started to acquire the wood and leaves himself, which he used to build the roof. He’s going back to a time when resourceful men made do with what they had to protect themselves from the elements.

Combined, the wood and leaves have formed a sturdy roof that will protect him secure over time. But the edges are still exposed. He is able to move with the essential freedom thanks to this. The emission of toxic gases is also extremely beneficial from a safety perspective.

The largest construction that a man has ever built is this. He took over a month to complete it as well. ”I constructed a thatched workshop as a place to live and work on upcoming work out of the elements. It took me five weeks to construct this hut, which is the biggest I’ve ever built. He explains in the description of the video, ”The construction reflects rain fairly well, and being free and without barriers enables smoke to depart without trouble.

What do you think of this final result? If you’re like us, you’re speechless. We seriously doubt that we could have created something this complex if you had abandoned us in the woods and forced us to do so.

Congratulations to this guy for going above and beyond giving many of us the motivation we needed in the meantime. Watch the clip below:

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