Luckily, this team of young people managed to save the dog and free him from his lonely street life

Researchers in one of the US discovered a paralyzed dog and helped him.

There was no food or a bucket of water nearby. The mature dog was left to suffer alone in gratitude for years of selfless service and devotion.

The unfortunate young man was released and taken to a car with a weapon, from where he was sent to an animal rescue clinic. In addition to the immobilized legs, the dog was severely emaciated, with deep cuts on his body.

Moreover, anemia was found in the bloodstream, which was caused by an infectious process accompanied by bacteria. It is unknown if the animal was already incapacitated in transit, or if the immobilization occurred in the forest after the dog was attacked by caterpillars.

However, it is difficult to say how long the dog was chained up.

Doctors are actually fighting for his health and trying to restore his motor control. Volunteers help the creature learn to walk.

The dog is very well attended. He is well fed and surrounded by care and appreciation.

We are confident that the pet’s life will have a bright and happy future without demons.

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