Loyal and Resilient: The Inspiring Story of Thunder, the Dog Who Stayed by His Master’s Side

A devoted dog decided to stay where its master put him at the last minute.🤗🥹

Thunder was an abandoned dog who stayed by the fire hydrant for several days, waiting for his master. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to catch the dog, the neighbors urged Hall to solve its problem.

Thunder was scared when Hall arrived with her tools and years of experience. He really wanted to believe it. He tried to approach Hall but was too scared. Thunder wasn’t sure, despite being lured into a trap with treats. He crossed the street, then came back.

Night fell, but Hall did not give up Thunder, so she came up with a more attractive bait. She went to a nearby 7-Eleven, bought some hot dogs, and placed them in a trap. He drove down the street to trick him into thinking that he was no longer there, and when he returned, he finally fell into the trap. The hot dogs made their benefit. The dog was trusted to her.
She remarked that he was itching to get back where it was. As Hall states, he remembered, ”the little affection he felt from his family”.

Thunder, however, was rescued in time. The worst storm Thunder has seen in years hit the Thunder ‘s nearby area as soon as she put him in her car. If the rescue had taken even five minutes more, he and his savior would have been caught in a torrential storm.
Who abandoned Thunder and why he did so is yet unclear, but it would rather focus on the upcoming life he will lead now after being rescued.

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