Lovely story: this German Shepherd and ferret have become inseparable friends and charm people

Here is one non-standard union of a German shepherd and a ferret.

We have already told you about the friendship of completely different animals. It turns out that even a cat and a mouse can live in peace and tranquility. This time we invite you to take a look at another non-standard union of a German shepherd named Nova and a ferret Pakko. Their owner Diana Grib was worried that the pets would not find a common language. But in vain! They became so good friends that they do not part even on walks!

Meet Nova Shepherd and Pakko the ferret

This sweet couple lives in the same house.

Their owners name is Diana

It was she who made friends with these two different pets.

They are happy to walk together

And they bite each other

Sometimes Pakko takes Nova’s bed.

But most of the time they sleep together.

This couple has an Instagram page.

There the owner publishes the brightest moments of his life

And such cozy home photos

Nova and Pakko proved that it doesn’t matter how tall or what type you are when you develop a strong friendship.

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