Lovely scene: cute cat loves to jump on a huge friend and go for an interesting walk

A cat and a horse have an unusual but sweet friendship.

These two best friends have the most charming friendship. A cat and a horse have an unusual but sweet friendship. Jennifer Boyle, their owner, shared her story online and it’s great to see the two having fun together. Here’s how it goes.

It all started when Jennifer Boyle decided to adopt a cat from a shelter. The cat’s name is Morris, he has piercing green eyes and jet-black fur. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is a very cute cat.

When Jennifer and Morris arrived at her home in Northern New South Wales, Australia, a horse named Champ insisted on befriending the cat. Morris accepted his friend with all his heart, and since then they have been inseparable.

The curious cat tried to jump on Champy’s back, and the horse, surprisingly, did not shake him off. He ignored the weight on his back and rolled Morris around the corral instead. Jennifer remarked that it became their morning routine as friends from that day on.

Morris is already in his place at the fence (Jennifer called it “the bus stop”), waiting for his noble horse (the bus) to give him a ride around the farm before sunrise.

Jennifer was used to seeing her cat on Champy’s back. Their friendship was beginning to resemble that of a rhinoceros and a tick bird, with the tick bird riding on the rhino’s back in exchange for getting rid of the pesky ticks. Morris and Champy, Morris will pay for his trip by grooming Champy’s long mane and showering him with love. Morris and Champy have been doing the same cute routine for years; sometimes with costumes, especially for special occasions like Halloween.

Apparently, Morris tried to climb onto the backs of other horses, but was refused. After all, Morris was used to climbing on his partner’s back, so he decided to do the same with other horses.

“He was pushed away from trying to jump on other horses – he figured all the horses would love him – it’s really just these two that are friends”, Jennifer explained to the Daily Telegraph.

Morris and Champy’s adorable friendship has gone viral online, and it’s easy to see why. These two are the cutest best friends in the world.

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