Lovely family: these owners loved their dog so much that they gave him a great birthday party

For his first birthday, this dog was treated to a beautiful surprise party.

The charming dog did not know what was happening to him, but he was not dissatisfied with the long-awaited party that awaited him on the way home.

Fred is a beautiful golden retriever who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Like all dogs of this breed, he is a real personification of good mood and tenderness.

He pleases everyone around him with his infectious cheerfulness, starting with his owners, but also sharing it with thousands of subscribers who follow his adventures on Instagram.

Recently, his owners posted a video on social media that quickly went viral, showing off the surprise they prepared for his first birthday. His family wanted to celebrate this special occasion in the best possible way and let him know how much he means to them,” says The Dodo.

That evening, Fred played quietly in the park while his parents and loved ones prepared to surprise him. They turned off the lights, the owner called him back, and when he came in, the patrons turned on the lights and yelled, “Surprise!”

A special treat for a special family member

The Golden Retriever didn’t know what made him so desirable, but everyone was happy and hugged him. That was more than enough to keep him happy, judging by the happy face and wagging tail.

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