Lovely ending: couple lost their beloved dog but finally reunite with him years later

The hopelessness continued until they received an unexpected call from the shelter.

Caroline and Simon from England lost their dog Bonnie in May 6 years ago. No matter how much they searched for their cute dog, all to no avail, and after a few years, they eventually lost hope.

This continued until the family received an unexpected call from the shelter. The keeper couldn’t believe what she heard.

They said on the phone that Bonnie had been found. He was 320 kilometers from Norfolk, where they live, are alive and well. As the shelter staff established, the dog was stolen for breeding, but despite this, he felt and looked normal.

“I was looking at lost dogs pages almost two years ago, so it all seemed fantastic to us. I was prepared for Bonnie to look terrible, but he looks really good. The vets took great care of him”, says caretaker Caroline.

“No one knows what Bonnie might have gone through. Someone made a lot of money on it, and it’s a pity. He has never been seen by a veterinarian in all these years. He could outline her microchip. But we’re glad Bonnie was able to get his back to his keepers. This is an amazing event in this difficult year!” – writes the staff of the Terrington St. John Veterinary Center.

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