Look At These Fashionable Items! They Are Really Funny

You may consider something funny while others call it fashion and sell for big amounts of money

As the experts of the industry state, fashion is not a craft anymore, it is art. Art is not for everyone. Not everyone reached to the position to understand, but real artists don’t need explanations.

Collected all of the picturesque places on him

If add gloves, this would be ideal covid uniform

It is interesting, has anyone tried to bite this?

We always knew that they work for reptilians

Don’t touch me. I am afraid of myself

I can bet that she jumps bad

My second name is “Eccentricity”

Chocolate in marshmallow. Excuse me!

Was a boy has become a girl. Modern tendencies

a hundred burgundy will fit in each heel

And then a whole liter! And a snack in the second! This is useful fashion!

Boots-self-propelled. They choose the direction themselves

Obviously this fashion designer has a phobia to drown

Black swan herself

Sorry, is this a person or a part of the furniture?

With all of these natural catastrophes this is an eerie prophecy pf the future

The funniest fact is that real people make these

Do you like this kind of fashion?

What is the funniest fashionable thing you have ever seen?

Source: Lemurov

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