Lonely Birthday Turns into a Joyous Occasion Thanks to the Kindness of Strangers

No guests came to this boy’s birthday, but what happened next will warm your heart.đŸ„čđŸ„č

A woman from Utah posted on social media that her son’s birthday party was not attended because it fell on New Year’s Eve. This led to showering with gifts and B-day best wishes from strangers.

Rosario Lopez, the mother of Jayden, planned a beautiful party on that day and sent invitations, but unfortunately, no one showed up, so they stayed alone with mother and son.

She posted on a local Facebook group, apologized, and asked for kind words and congratulations for her son. Surprisingly, her request got hundreds of likes, people even would ask for their home addresses to send gifts and toys, and even visit in person to celebrate her birthday.

People who also had milestone birthdays shared their own experiences of lifting Jaden up, assuring him he’s not alone. Another mom sent Jaden and Rosario an invitation to celebrate together because her kids also had birthdays coming up.


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