«Little princesses were like each other»: twin sisters enjoyed their motherhood

Here is a wonderful life story about two babies, who look like just two of a kind.

It is usually believed that the twins are connected by an inextricable invisible connection.

Perhaps, like many others, in childhood, you also wanted to have a twin brother.

Here is a wonderful story from the life of two babies who look like two identical ones.

In addition, their mothers also believe that their little princesses in the future will become best friends.

Get to know Rayat and Indie, who was born on the same day, although not twins.

They are always together, and everyone considers them twin sisters.

Once even the photographer confused them with the twins, as they were too similar to each other.

However, their mothers, measles and Katie, twins, and this is quite possible, since heredity is a very strong thing.

The story began when two sisters almost simultaneously found out that two of them were expecting a child.

As if the happy news brought them closer even more.

All months of waiting, they spent time together, sharing jokes and wishes and inventing names for their angels.

Their kids, like real twins, were also born almost simultaneously (a difference of 20 minutes).

In addition, their mothers firmly believe that their angels are closely connected with each other.

Moreover, they will become close friends and loving sisters for each other, like their mothers.

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